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Dear all,

As most of you know I am not a user of so-called “social media”, like Facebook and Twitter, the usefulness of which I have never really understood. LinkedIn and  ResearchGate  that I use for professional reasons are exceptions. Check these out in case you want to know what I spend my university time with.

Photography (>10’000 shots/year) has become my great passion over the past years.  Not being satisfied with the possibilities of Fotocommunity and Flickr for my publication purposes I have taken in July of this year (2016) the decision to build my own personal webpage as a medium to share my photos (and maybe other stuff some day).  I had to learn from scratch all about hosting, themes, plugins, setting up pages, filling in text and media content, linking other pages etc. Although I am still a bloody beginner, I have gained sufficient know-how to present you a few public pages. More pages are in preparation. So please come back if you like my work.

Since the site is under construction I apologize for the occasional “Oops” pages that you might encounter.


Tun aka Antoine aka Tony aka tunewitsch

8 thoughts on “Welcome Post

  1. Dear Tun!This is one of your very beautiful ideas-looking at your stunning pictures gets me a lot of joy!Thank you so much and I am thrilled to see what will be yet to come! 🙂

  2. Dear Tony,
    Congratulations for your beautiful blog! Thank you for sharing your nature observation expressions – intriguing, emotional, styling and intelligent point of view – the inner and intimate part of your soul, mirror of your view of life.
    Warm greetings for Silvia – your most patient and encouraging partner.

  3. Dear Tun ! Thank you for sharing your fascinating nature and travel collections with us ! It allows us to take part in your multiple explorations & experimentations ! Looking forward for many stunning moments to come !

  4. Dear Tun,
    what a great idea…another way of storytelling.The Steppenkerze made me think about a plant I know from the Cevennes “Asphodelus” ..maybe they are of the same family Liliaceae…
    I’m impressed of the beauty of your pictures and as Dora says, they make your soul move.
    Go on,brother!

  5. Privet, Antoine!
    That’s great idea! I hope your travel photos will attract attention of your colleagues and friends to Altai nature and, may be, to our traditional Siberian symposium “Modern Problems of Laser Physics”, which you are regularly participate in!

    I wish you success with developing the website and look forward to seeing you again in Siberia!

  6. Dear Antoine,
    thanks for the nice chat on photography. You have great pictures here on the web site! Chapeau!


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